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November notting hill Circles


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About The November Self care circles in notting hill


The open circles are drop-in and you are welcome even if you haven’t attended before.

We will journey into a deep meditation for self-love and work with the gentle frequency of rose quartz crystals to bring soothing, nourishment and love into our fields.

Tanmaya and/or Kasia will set the space as a temple energetically using ancient Egyptian teachings of sacred geometry. The beautiful light energy this creates nourishes, replenishes and supports us wonderfully in remembering the true divine feminine within.

Please book early as places are limited to 15 for a more contained space.

Love and Light


Location: Lifespace Healing Centre | 110 Talbot Road W11 1JR

Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM




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Artwork by Leah Dorion



We gather in sacred space to celebrate and nourish the embodied feminine in all its forms...through ancient sacred practices, moon wisdom, meditation, conscious touch and space to be with what is happening inside in silence and together in sisterhood. Each circle we explore a different aspect of the divine feminine in us...at times we practice embodying the energies of goddesses, discovering our own inner goddess, connecting to mother earth and her support as well as to the magical realms of the animal and nature kingdoms.. 



The women join to 











London Victoria Circle

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The women's circle started as a gathering of friends..and it grew in its own rhythm.. It is a sacred space for us to reconnect to our divine feminine, to our wisdom, strenght and passion. The practices are infused with elements of my training in meditation, movement, somatic experiencing, ancient egyptian mysteries, sacred geometry, celtic shamanism and moon magic. Each circle is a gift and each woman joining is adding her flavour to the larger circle of sisterhood. so I celebrate you sister, may you join us and take your seat in your own time. This site is there to serve you..so you can find circles in London, connect with the practices and maybe get inspired to start your own circle.

For those of you interested to go to start an powerful journey of empowerment, magick and self-mastery I also offer advanced spiritual training in a semi-private format. The teachings stem from the ancient Hermetic tradition or the lineage of King Solomon which was very active in Egypt. This path is about knowing ourselves, living in joy, service as lightworkers. To achieve this we need to learn how to protect our energy field and gradually open our senses while learning to control our thoughts and transmute energy effectively. You can find these classes in the schedule section below as well.

With Love. Tanmaya
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London Monument Circle

Kasia Mikolajczyk

Kasia Mikolajczyk

Kasia is a trained Womens Circle facilitator from the Rising In Sisterhood community.

Drawing upon her metaphysical teachings, she combines ancient spiritual practices with modern day therapeutic techniques; such as sacred geometry, the Max Meditation System™, various healing modalities, and creative expression though use of the arts. By integrating these practices into her work, she creates a safe environment for deeper self understanding and empowerment.





London Schedule


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These are different options of support and guidance on your journey <3 and I am happy to put together
a package personally for you ... so feel free to get in touch to discuss, these are the main options. T



Join the women circle for the fall/winter cycle..

There will be 7 circles and by joining you commit to attend at least 3. 

Oct 6, 13
Nov 3
Dec 8
Jan 12
Feb 17, Mar 1 (open circle)

The circle will be always at the Light Centre Belgravia and from 6:30-8:30pm. 

There are 25 spaces. 



  • All circles of the closed cycle

  • 1 Life Activation sessions -(balances all energy bodies, reset on all levels, reconnect you to your original blueprint)

  • 2 Energy cord cuttings -(clearing negative energy or attachement from the past)

  • 1 Bonus session of your choice depending on your need (e.g. Isis Healing, Aura healing, Soul retrieval, Ensofic Ray, Reading..)

Find out more about the sessions and classes here 

The circle will be at Light Centre Belgravia and the private sessions at my private practice in Earls Court. We will schedule the dates once you have booked. I can do daytime, evening and saturdays. 

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Circle, Sacred GEometry & Astral Travel

  • All circles of the closed cycle

  • All sessions of private session package

  • Sacred Geometry Level 1 (Learn how to use sacred geometry to create sacred space anywhere you go)

  • Astral Travel (Learn how to safely travel in the universe and access your akashic records)

Find out more about the sessions and classes here

The circle will be at Light Centre Belgravia and the private sessions at my private practice in Earls Court. We will schedule the dates once you have booked. I can do daytime, evening and saturdays.



Maybe you feel inspired to host your own women's circle or temple in your community. In the women's circle leadership training we will practice how to

★ create sacred space

★ lead in a way that feels in the flow (for you and participants) 

★ lead deep and nourishing meditations 

★ exchange themes and practices you can bring to the circle

★ learn to build and nourish your own circle even if you do not have a community you are serving yet

★ and you will get to practice holding circle right away

to receive a free 1-page manual on how to start holding your own circle and to get informed about future dates register here...


And find out more here: