The very first time I sat beside my sisters in the women's circle, I did not know anyone but still, it felt like home - home sweet home. I knew I belong there, that I am ready to rise together with them and reconnect with The Goddess Warrior Within Me.

At the time... I was raw, heartbroken, uncertain about the future and I was welcome just the way I was, with love and acceptance, no one tried to fix me. I could just be, be me, feel whatever I was feeling and all of it was welcomed. 
No one padded my back to say it is going to be OK. By that they gave me unspoken permission to just be, to trust in myself, to tap into my strength and because my sisters believed in me, I started again believing in myself, I reclaimed my power and then I knew I will make my life bright again!

Like a Phoenix, I raised from the ashes with all the love and support I received from my sisters and I became the woman I am now.

So I welcome you sister, if this calls you. To join the circle. Together we are stronger, we remember the joy, passion and warrior goddesses that we are.

Love and Light
Kasia Mikolajczy