Energy boundaries

Selfcare for Therapists, Healers and People working with People

24th of April

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As their sensitivity increases many people that work with people can at times feel drained or affected by the energy in their environment. 

In this exploratory webinar sessions Tanmaya will share more about the ancient mystery school methods that allow us to strengthen and protect our energy field to ensure we stay grounded, centred and clear at work and in your personal life.

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About Tanmaya


Tanmaya is a social entrepreneur and the founder or Rising in Sisterhood. Trained originally as an engineer and in business she re-trained as a somatic experiencing therapist, counsellor and meditation based therapist before becoming initiated in the mystery school of the lineage of King Solomon through the Modern Mystery School. She is a certified guide and healer in this ancient lineage that integrates kabbalistic energy work, shamanic energy work and the teachings of the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. Today she works from her practice in Kensington, London. Her focus is on empowering the people she works with to reconnect to their own wisdom, strength and guidance so that they can lead a life of joy and share that with others through their own unique purpose.