The deepest essence of you...

The deepest essence of you is vastness, its generosity
It has no needs beyond sharing and giving into the joy of life

The needs and desires come from another place, a hole to be filled which does never really get enough.. no matter what it gets.

Desire is not love, compulsive passion is not love.
And yet, when we enter into intimate relationships..or any relationship ..that deep place of desire or longing for connection can suddenly be ripped-open. That's what we call "falling" in love..because it is a falling .

And it is necessary because without that, how would we remember those deep places and longing, how could we learn to feel them and in that way heal them..?

Everytime we let ourselves dive into the experience of the longing without trying to influence our environment we create a bit more space inside.. Out of this space love can grow.. it grows in vastness and does not demand, it is just there.

Deep peace is there
Holding all
Embracing all
A deep knowing of the vastness of this experience
Of eternal presence and beauty
A fragrance so beautiful it cannot be described
Resonating in the infinity of the possibilities that are creating the reality as we see it
Vibrating in connection with all
~ Tanmaya Hathor Devi