Sister, how are you replenishing and nurturing yourself..?

The subtle bodies of feminine energy in us are both a bit like a flower and a reservoir..when we forget to make space and time for N O T D O I N G and restoring through gentle Oxycontin generating practices some of the luster gets lost..

In a world (and city) where doing is often valued more, a lot is going on and being faster is better we are in the constant vibration of activity..

So it can take a bit of discipline to remember to book that massage, take 1 hour off the phone and hide in the park...

For me the nurturing comes from having little pockets of beauty at home where I work..just enjoying them and letting my eyes rest on them.. and of course just stretching out like a cat in my favorite cosy spot..but nothing beets the replenish I get from the circle..from being held gently and with no pressure by my sisters and jointly celebrating the feminine in each other..