Great mother..

great mother
slowly parts of me are relaxing
into your calling and holding
and still I can feel your presence
being there for me silently
powerful beyond my understanding
embracing us all
your presence an invitation for me to remember
my infinity
my power
my love
I can feel my womb and heart beating with yours
my whole body merged
you are me and I am you
silently and together flowing out into the universe and back

~ Tanmaya Hathor Devi ☥

often so much importance is given to doing, achieving, having a direction..
so it's easy to forget to be silent, to listen inside, to make space for receiving.. just being together, enjoying the magic of our feminine energy and breathing in and then out .. receiving the gift of who we are

we gather every two months in women's temple to make space for receiving and the divine feminine.. In February we will have two open evening for women who are interested to join.. you can find the event on the page or leave a message below with your email so I can send more information..