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Mar 23/24 Empower Thyself | Initiation into deeper knowing

This is the initiation into the mystery school in the lineage of King Solomon. It is an ancient lineage that goes back to Egypt and beyond. King Solomon brought together the tribal healers, shamans and medicine women of many different tribes from all over the world.

In this class you will get

  • rituals to strenghten your energy field so you can stay positive inside and out

  • how to create sacred space wherever you go

  • how to shift energy and emotions to clear your energy field and stay centered

  • a healing that brings your energy back into the flow of the universe

  • a deep meditation technique to access the wisdom of your higher self

  • the initiation into the ancient mystery school which will open your senses to work with the unseen work in a safe and protected way

To find out more about the lineage and this class you can also visit: here

With Love


Class details: 10-6pm on both days
Exchange: 1100£, 150£ deposit