Women Circle Leadership Training


Women Circle Leadership Training

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Please note there are two options. You can select simply the Leadership training weekend (2 days) or also with Sacred Geometry (1 additional day). 

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On the first day we will explore how to hold circle:

  • feminine leadership and translucent leadership
  • the feminine way of creating, how to do without pushing
  • reconnecting with vulnerability and leading out of that space
  • speaking and listening from the heart
  • setting and creating the space
  • possible practices and resources to find ideas for the classes


On the second day we will go into practical aspects, how to market the circle and will jointly establish a practice group so you can start practicing with each other. 

  • finding a space to hold circle
  • facebook/instagram basics
  • facebook/instagram advertising and how to do it in a way that feels right for you
  • establishing a practice group so each participant gets to practice holding circle with the others attending¬®
  • closed versus open circle, how to plan your cycles
  • music resources


In this applied afternoon class your energy will be attuned to the 3 sacred shapes of creation so you can work with them in your daily life. They are the building blocks of creation..represented in all spiritual traditions. 

By studying the divine geometric patterns, you open yourself to deeper understandings and universal wisdom. 

The sacred tools that you will receive stem from the ancient solomonic lineage and allow you to 

  • increase your vibration and connection to spirit
  • strengthen your energy field
  • clear spaces energetically (like office, hotel room, meditation space)
  • create a temple space (for meditation, groups or just because you enjoy the energy)

I love teaching this class..when I first got this handed down I used the rituals and tools everyday..I still do, they make such a difference.